What is PEP?

PEP is a volunteer driven non-profit organization supporting quality and collaborative programs for Winter Haven’s public schools, teachers and students. Programs and initiatives range from providing opportunities to students and families with limited resources to encouraging innovative curriculum and connections to challenge Winter Haven’s brightest.  PEP seeks to facilitate the innovation and connections necessary to make Winter Haven’s public school system one that effectively serves all students and is viewed as a benchmark for public school systems.

Winter Haven Public Education Partnership formed in 2011 after several current board members participated in the Greater Winter Haven Chamber of Commerce’s initiative to survey Winter Haven’s public schools and recommend strategies to improve the schools through the involvement of every sector of the community.  Months of interviews, research, presentations, meetings and discussions with enumerable educators, businessmen and women, students and concerned citizens resulted in The Report of the Educational Outcome Steering Committee that was presented to the Chamber.

Creating a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to support Winter Haven’s public schools was one of the 14 recommendations included in the report. The development of the Public Education Partnership, affectionately known as PEP, has fulfilled that recommendation and has resulted in a group committed to refining and implementing the 13 other recommendations that are now PEP’s initiatives.

PEP has come to realize that the psychological and economic fall-out for the child, family and society of an inadequate education is devastating. The effects are felt immediately and for years to come. They are felt close to home and in the surrounding community.

We believe that within every child is a student eager to shine.  Unfortunately many families and students don’t have access to the programs, resources, information and relationships necessary to grow and flourish academically. PEP connects those families and students with the innovative programs, tailored instruction and ongoing support necessary for their long-term success.

PEP is run entirely by volunteers investing in the next generation. They work daily to innovate, collaborate and drive real change in Winter Haven’s public education system. Learn more about PEP’s current programs and initiatives.

The dream is that every citizen in our community, from every walk of life will join in PEP’s vision to get involved in our public schools and make Winter Haven’s public schools system the benchmark for education in the United States. See the many way you can get involved today.


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