Shared Excellence

PEP wants to share the programs in our schools that are making a difference in the lives of students and teachers.  Each of our area schools has some amazing ‘best practices’ that are successful, innovative, and resourceful.  Let’s share the ideas and allow all of the students in the greater Winter Haven area enjoy the benefits of ‘Best Practices’! We are all in this effort together.


Pinewood Elementary – Food Pantry:  Students are encouraged to earn points by exhibiting good behavior and completing school assignments that can be redeemed for food items and books they are able to take home for themselves and their families.

View Video of Pinewood’s Project

Lake Shipp Elementary – Reading Pals: An adult reads with 6 students in groups of 3 for 30 minutes each once a week.

Chain of Lakes Elementary – Fluency Reading Program: An adult audits, encourages, and tasks students with strategies to improve their oral reading skills.



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