PEP’s Super Fun Summer Science Camp has concluded!

Some of the things we learned…

  • Built & programed Lego EV3 Robots
  • Learned to fly a drone
  • Learned Java Script Coding and
  • other computer skills and games
  • Made play dough, slime, edible science
  • treats, bouncy balls, and other recipes
  • Built catapults, bridges, balloon powered
  • cars, rockets, edible earth treats
  • Learned new vocabulary words, scientific
  • methods, measuring, charting, new websites, how to explode different types of volcanoes, camp games, keyboarding, how to be a detective with invisible ink messages and jello laser optics, phases of the moon
  • Learned why we can walk on eggs, why liquids of different densities separate, why some structures are stronger than others



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